23–25 Feb 2018

Organising Committee

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Office Bearers | Event Team | Honour Roll | Committee Meetings

All Committee roles within the Western Port Festival are unpaid voluntary positions, with all members dedicating their spare time to support the local community in the months leading up-to and on the weekend of the festival.

Office Bearers

On the 29th of September 2016, a committee was elected at the annual general meeting, to oversee the daily operation of the association. The organisational structure was also modified. More information on this can be found by contacting our company secretary.

President: Steve Hosking
Email: president@westernportfestival.org.au
Mobile: 0425 752 376

Vice President: Demmi Noordennen
Email: vicepresident@westernportfestival.org.au
Mobile: 0408 053 315

Event Manager: Tristan Cleary
Email: eventmanager@westernportfestival.org.au
Mobile: 0429 151 731

Treasurer: Chris Fisher
Email: treasurer@westernportfestival.org.au
Mobile: 0422 572 091

Secretary: Kim Masters
Email: secretary@westernportfestival.org.au
Mobile: 0468 402 008

General Committee

Mark Mayle, Vicki Schilling, Demmi Noordennen, Chris Fisher, Steve Hosking, Penny Femino, Amy Groves, Jenni Dowell, Tristan Cleary, Natasha Fillis, Kim Masters, Jill Underwood, Hannah Swinnerton, Michael Duffy, Hannah Thompson


Event Coordinating Team

Parade Coordinator: Penny Femino
Email: parade@westernportfestival.org.au
Mobile:0488 002 136

Stage Manager: Demmi Noordennen
Email: stage@westernportfestival.org.au
Mobile:0408 053 315

Stalls Coordinator: Hannah Thompson
Email: stalls@westernportfestival.org.au
Mobile: 0429 155 731

Hall Activities Coordinator: Amy Groves
Email: displays@westernportfestival.org.au

Classic Car Show Coordinator: Natasha Fillis
Email: carshow@westernportfestival.org.au
Mobile: 0410 690 597

Miss Western Port Pageant: Hannah Swinnerton
Email: pageant@westernportfestival.org.au

Honour Roll

Year President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Event Manager
2016/2017 Steve Hosking Demmi Noordennen  Chris Fisher Kim Masters Tristan Cleary
2015/2016 Chris McLennan Steve Hosking  Chris Fisher
2014/2015 Chris McLennan Steve Hosking Lorna Bagworth
2013/2014 Steve Hosking Sarah McLennan Chris McLennan Ross Topham
2012/2013 Steve Hosking Tammie Johnston Chris McLennan Ross Topham
2011/2012 Tammie Johnstone  Steve Hosking Chris McLennan Mariselle Lasselle


Committee Meetings

Our Meetings are open to community groups and the general public who are interested in participating or volunteering at the festival.

All Western Port Festival meetings are held at Hastings Hall (Supper Room), 3 High Street, Hastings (next to the library).

Parking is available at the rear of the Hall and access to the meeting room can be made via the side pathway between Hastings Hall and Hastings Library.

See below map for further detail;

Our Sponsors

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We thank every one of you for your support, the festival wouldn't be what it is without you!

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